Weather Radio is a must for off grid living!

Weather Radio.jpg

When you need to know the forecast for your crops, animals or shelter, this weather radio is a must have!  Charges from solar or battery.


March is the time to prune your fruit trees!

pole saw.jpg

March is the time to trim your fruit trees and nut bearing trees! The pole saw is a necessity.  Trim your apple trees in a Y shape or see instructions on  Trimming will increase your fruit or nut yield!

Quick heat for a barn or shop!

If you have the steel barrel, this kit converts it to a woodstove!  You can also get a grate to put inside the barrel.

Barrel kit.jpg


My corned venison recipe for St. Patrick’s Day!

Every year, I make our own corned beef by marinading the venison in a brine for 6-10 days, turning the pieces over every so often.  Our guests swear it’s corned beef not corned venison.  For the recipe, go to:


Came out great!


If you live too far from a store and need crackers….

Try making your own cheddar crackers!


I hand form them into small circular shapes instead of the square cut shape.

For the recipe, go to:

Another reason to do our own canning!

Commercially canned food cans are lined with BPA!

Our healthy way:

pickled green beans

Making Black Birch Beer!

If you’ve ever cut down a black birch, you will notice a wonderful wintergreen smell!  You can actually make a birch beer (like sassafras soda) from the tree but it has to be the black birch.  Click on the link under the photo for the recipe.

Black Birch tree.jpg

Making Homemade Root Beer!

This is a lot of fun!  I got the glass bottles, capper and caps, and set out making my own root beer.  After mixing and boiling the ingredients and filling the bottles and capping them, you leave them at room temperature for about 2 days for desired carbonation.  Then transfer to a refrigerator to stop the carbonation.

Homemade Root Beer.jpg

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Kindling Splitter

Love this little splitter for kindling.  Take small pieces of cordwood and knock it through with your wedge.


Kindling splitter.jpg

Dandelions have many health benefits!


We make a tea with the dried roots but you can also cook the leaves like spinach before there are buds on them.  See other preparations in: