Spring wild edibles to look for!

Here are some other wild edibles to look for in the spring.  They go by quickly.  Let us know what your favorite wild edibles are!

Wild mustard grows along the roadsides and the leaves are delicious in salads!

Wild mustard.jpg



Star flower aka Indian Cucumber has an edible root that tastes like cucumber!

starflower or Indian Cucumber

Adirondack Plants: Indian Cucumber Root

Plaintain that grows in your lawn.  The leaves can be boiled like spinach or use as tea:



Cattail roots:  https://www.gardeningknowhow.com/ornamental/water-plants/cattails/harvesting-wild-cattails.htm



Spring is the time to look for cowslips and fiddleheads!

When we are turkey hunting, we see the cowslips and skunk cabbage popping up in wet areas.  The cowslip leaves are delicious when cooked and taste like spinach.  Make sure to pick the leaves before the blossoms open up otherwise they tend to be a little bitter.





Fiddleheads are also found in wet areas.  There are 2 types of ferns so you want to be sure you have the ones that are not fuzzy.  The edible Ostrich fiddleheads can be seen coming up next to last year’s brown seed stalk.

Ostrich Fiddlehead stalk.jpg

How to Find, Identify and Cook Fiddleheads

Dry your mushrooms after harvesting

We forage for mushrooms after a couple days of rain when they seem to pop out everywhere!  Our favorites are chanterells, lobster tail, oyster, and chicken of the woods.

I dry them on newspaper for a week or until hard and then put them in a paper bag (not plastic in case there is any moisture left in them).

We take a bag of dried mushrooms when we cook outdoors on the fire.  Add a little water to them and they reconstitute with a “fresh picked” flavor and taste great on a steak!

You can speed up the process of drying with a dehydrator or can them in glass Mason jars.

Oyster mushrooms:

Oyster Mushrooms

Homemade Herbal Teas

I felt like getting organized today and bought these cute jars to put my homemade teas in.

I have Chaga, St. Johnswort, Dandelion, Mint, Rose Hips and Sweet Fern.  We like to look for Chaga growing on birch trees when we hike or snowshoe. You can find it in any season.  St. Johnswort grows in our fields and along roadsides so we pick them when in bloom and dry them on newspapers.   The Mint is harvested from plants in our perennial beds, and the Rose Hips are harvested off of our wild rose bushes after the first frost.  The Sweet Fern is found along the roadsides and we harvest that in the summer.  It is very aromatic and you can also make potpourri with it.  These herbs have many other benefits that you can find on the internet but we like the teas.