Harvesting our Wild Lettuce pain relieving sap to dry for storage!



Lehman’s Farm and Garden Supplies

Lehman's logo.pngIf you haven’t tried shopping online with Lehman’s, they have lots of supplies for farming, wood splitting, canning veggies, composters and more! My favorite store!

Water Glassing your Eggs for long storage!

In the spring, there is an abundance of eggs.  Here is a great tutorial on how to use sodium silicate or pickling lime to preserve eggs for the winter.

Are you proud of living off the grid?

We work hard to be self sufficient, whether it be in the building of a home, our gardens, canning and food preservation and the list goes on and on….this is a great way to proudly display your way of life!

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Beekeeping Using Skeps

0603181557.jpgThese are my skeps which I am hesitant to use for beekeeping.  My research led me to this very helpful article:  https://www.keepingbackyardbees.com/keeping-bees-in-skeps-my-continuing-journey-in-straw/

If anyone has used skeps in beekeeping, we’d love to hear from you!

Ticks Be Gone Lavender Sachets!

We sell the lavender sachets that you pop in the dryer or put in your pet bed.  Lavender repels ticks!  Reusable pack of 3 sachets.  Custom orders taken.  3/$10


Off the grid life on a boat!

Ahhh the life of the wandering mariner.  Many folks are taking to the sea and lakes to live on a boat and see the world!



Which Squash Varieties Cross-Pollinate?

Winter squash 2016

(My 2016 harvest of winter squash and sugar pumpkins)

This can be frustrating but once you learn the 4 families of squash related veggies, and only pick one from each family, you should be all set.

An excellent reference is:  https://agrowinggarden.com/blog/what-types-of-squash-cross-pollinate/

Another excellent reference for saving your own seeds is:  https://www.seedsavers.org/how-to-save-seeds

How to make small batches of fermented foods in Mason Jars!

We know the benefits of eating fermented foods (https://draxe.com/fermented-foods/) but how do you make a small batch?  We like sauerkraut and kimchi but don’t need to make a lot so this fermenting kit is just the ticket!  It has the 4 air locks, 4 sturdy white screw-on lids for wide mouth mason jars, 4 silicone gaskets, 4 grommets, 1 (2-sided) instruction/recipe sheet. All components are BPA-Free.  Does not include the glass quarts.

Fermenting lid.jpg

How to prevent apple scabs

Plant a fruit tree guild: a ring of plants under the fruit tree drip-line and rain will drop onto these plants preventing a splash back onto the apples which in turn would create scabbing on the apples.  See:  https://www.tenthacrefarm.com/2017/07/how-to-build-a-fruit-tree-guild/ (photo courtesy of tenth acre farm)

Fruit tree guild.jpg