Portable Sawmill Fun!


This Logmaster came home a few weeks ago to help us process trees on the property.  It cuts up to 16 ft. logs.


Beekeeping Using Skeps

0603181557.jpgThese are my skeps which I am hesitant to use for beekeeping.  My research led me to this very helpful article:  https://www.keepingbackyardbees.com/keeping-bees-in-skeps-my-continuing-journey-in-straw/

If anyone has used skeps in beekeeping, we’d love to hear from you!

Which Squash Varieties Cross-Pollinate?

Winter squash 2016

(My 2016 harvest of winter squash and sugar pumpkins)

This can be frustrating but once you learn the 4 families of squash related veggies, and only pick one from each family, you should be all set.

An excellent reference is:  https://agrowinggarden.com/blog/what-types-of-squash-cross-pollinate/

Another excellent reference for saving your own seeds is:  https://www.seedsavers.org/how-to-save-seeds

How to make small batches of fermented foods in Mason Jars!

We know the benefits of eating fermented foods (https://draxe.com/fermented-foods/) but how do you make a small batch?  We like sauerkraut and kimchi but don’t need to make a lot so this fermenting kit is just the ticket!  It has the 4 air locks, 4 sturdy white screw-on lids for wide mouth mason jars, 4 silicone gaskets, 4 grommets, 1 (2-sided) instruction/recipe sheet. All components are BPA-Free.  Does not include the glass quarts.

Fermenting lid.jpg