Which Squash Varieties Cross-Pollinate?

Winter squash 2016

(My 2016 harvest of winter squash and sugar pumpkins)

This can be frustrating but once you learn the 4 families of squash related veggies, and only pick one from each family, you should be all set.

An excellent reference is:  https://agrowinggarden.com/blog/what-types-of-squash-cross-pollinate/

Another excellent reference for saving your own seeds is:  https://www.seedsavers.org/how-to-save-seeds


Don’t over till your Garden!

Veggy Garden 2016 001

One of my 3 gardens last year…..my 2nd garden was just for squash and vine plants, the 3rd was for corn and tomatoes and shell beans to climb the corn.  We even grew popcorn!

Here are a few tips for a healthy soil:

How to Promote the Plant-Mycorrhizae Partnership

• Minimize soil tilling (kills earthworms and beneficial fungi)
• Always keep live plants in your beds, even in winter
• Rotate crops within your beds
• Avoid pesticides and chemical fertilizers
• Avoid applying too much phosphorus; a soil test every few years is a good idea


Seed Catalogs are Here!

Oh no, it’s that time again to be thinking of getting our gardens mapped out in our minds, if not on paper.  Companion planting, like planting tomatoes next to borage to repel hornworms, and marigolds or yarrow around the perimeter of your garden really works!  It feels great to grow our own vegetables for the winter and have the kitchen stocked!  Now, what about starting plants with good quality seed?  We buy the heirloom seed that is open-pollinated, meaning you can save it and replant it the following year. It is non GMO and untreated.  Plant your seeds inside or build a greenhouse that is not too large.  We looked at these two designs and combined them so the door from the rounded model was installed into our greenhouse that has a peak.